From the very beginning there was a simple idea of production of our own furniture. As the time went and we had reached a good level of quality, we decided that the production of the first-rate furniture is not enough, we wanted to offer you (and us) something more.

The added value is balance. What we are reflecting upon is not just highly-developed design and pure detail, but also the functionality of our products. As these attributes are in harmony, our products are integral to your interior.

From emotion
to function

Every design we make is based on emotion, experience, which we want to integrate into every product and which you are expecting from any custom-made products. Our production process combines traditional handicraft with modern technologies and procedures. That is the reason why we are not afraid to try new things, thus the custom-made furniture is always a challenge for us.

We believe in traditional and high-quality materials. The attributes of wood and metal – timelessness, adaptability and functionality – are fascinating us. Our goal is not achievable just by the fine materials, but also by the team of designers and architects who can help you to make the best decision for any interior.

We are not specialised just in making furniture and interior components, we can also process wood and metal for huge projects and series production. The complete assortment of our 25-years-tradion metalworking and joinery you can find at  Kovovýroba Midrla Brno.